Shadow-Caster Vs Other brands

best under water light

Want to blow your friends minds? The Shadow-Caster SCR-24 will do it. This light is designed to be controlled wirelessly using the company’s signature Shadow-Net connections. Stand on the dock and switch from solid blood red to a pulsing rainbow with your connected controller and watch the amazement on their faces.

Durability is always the most important factor when considering underwater lights for your boat. The SCR-24 has a bronze casing and scratch-resistant tempered glass lens to protect the 24 cell-type LEDs. As one of the more expensive surface-mount lights on the market today, buyers get a lot from the SCR-24. The lights feature numerous protections against electrical surges, overheating, and reverse polarity protection. They are intended for both fresh and saltwater boats.

When the dance party just has to be awesome, this is the light you want to be relying on. The colors are bright and vivid. The wide angle beam produces a dense area of light with tight color to the edges of the beam. At the brightest setting, the SCR-24 will produce 7,500 lumens at a draw of 7.5 amps. They work equally well for 12 or 24 volt systems and have a wide 10-30 volt operating range.

The really awesome thing about these lights is the ability to easily set up wireless control through the factory-integrated Shadow Net control network. the SCR-24 is one of the first underwater LED lights to be integrated with a Zone Controller to synchronize lights and sound with Wet Sounds audio systems. Combo this up to really bump the bay.

The light is among the best looking and feeling in the hand. It is quite heavy, and the four inch-round design is excellent for tight spaces. Pre-programmed with 16 colors (8 Red, 8 Blue, 8 Green) and infinitely adjustable with a zone controller, the SCR-24 will set the right mood, no matter what kind of evening might be happening. The SCR-24 is also available in Bimini Blue (24 LED), Bimini Blue & Great White (16 Blue, 8 White), Aqua Green (24 LED), and Great White (24 LED)

These made in America underwater lights from Shadow-Caster have a two-year manufacturer’s warranty for defects in materials or workmanship. They are submersible to 10 feet. The newest Shadow-Caster lights can be challenging to find, particularly in the western United States. They are more expensive than many other surface-mount submersible boat lights because of the advanced technology.