Seajet 034 Emperor A


Seajet 034 Emperor is a high-performance self-polishing antifouling, suitable for aluminium. Ideal for club racers as it can be burnished during the season.

  • Self-polishing
  • Ideal for club racers as it can be burnished during the season
  • Suitable for aluminium hulls
  • Available in bright colours
  • High coverage rate


Product name Seajet 034 Emperor
Type of product Antifouling
Area of use Below waterline
Recommended coats per season 2
Substrates Polyester




Water types Salt water

Fresh water

Brackish water

Maximum speed 40 knots
Application method Roller


Airless spray

Coverage rate 9.97 m² p/liter
Pack size 750ml / 2.5lt / 5lt / 20lt

Seajet 034 Emperor

Seajet 034 Emperor is a high performance self polishing antifouling, suitable for aluminium hulls. Ideal for club racers as it can be burnished during the season. The antifouling is ideal for clubracers, as it can be burnished during the season. It is available in many colours, like black, mid blue, navy blue, red and white.

Ideal for racers

The Seajet 034 Emperor antifouling paint contacts advanced biocides, which will put up a fight against any fouling. However, it will also ensure you of great performance. The Seajet 034 provides your boat with perfect anti-slime qualities, which makes it ideal for racers. The paint can be used up to 40 knots.

Wide variety of surfaces

The Seajet 034 Emperor is perfect for use on many different surfaces, such as wood, aluminum, steel and fibreglass. What’s more, the antifouling paint has no copper oxide in it. Therefore, your boat will stay the same colour, for the boat will not turn green because of the copper oxide.

Seajet 034 application

If you apply three layers of the 034 Emperor antifouling paint, your boat will look perfect for two seasons. Because of its effectiveness, the boat can be used 24 hours after application, depending on the temperature during application of the paint. 

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Black, Mid blue, Navy blue, Red, White


0.75, 2.5


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