Toilet Electric Evolution

Matromarine has realized a range of toilets where performance, reliability, noise level and design have really reached the highest standards. The running cycle is completely automatic and eliminates wastewater through a high-performance pump that allows drainage of waste up to 4 m. in height and at a distance of 40 m.New flush pump integrated in the whole kit with 360º orientable discharge port connection 1” and 11/2”. Noise level is optimzed against the standard electric toilets and reduced up to 30% lower while performance is increased of 50%. A special new duck valve on the discharge port connection prevents any return of black water



Toilet Electric Evolution | Matromarine Toilets

– Combined pump unit for flushing and wasting
– Extremely silent operation
– New high-performance discharge pump
– Kit conversions are interchangeble with Jabsco, TMC, RM69,SPX etc.
– Reversible pump mounting on left or right handed installation
– All corrosion resistant material for marine use .
– Spray nozzle elbow and soft close seat


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